Netflix release first teaser of live-action remake of ‘One Piece’
(Credit: One Piece)

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Netflix release first teaser of live-action remake of 'One Piece'

Netflix has been on a crazy anime charge of late. The streaming platform has been happily creating and supporting some of the finest animations around. But, they’ve also been keen to bring the anime vision to live-action series.

While Cowboy Bebop will naturally grab all the headlines, there is another live-action remake of an anime great that has fans gasping for breath — One Piece. Now, the platform have released the first teaser of that reboot.

The animated series is one of the success stories of the anime world. A long-running manga series it has 99 published volumes with 989 anime episodes. Meaning that the final piece of the puzzle, a live-action remake, is all it really needs.

Well, lucky fans, the creators of the show heard your call for more and have been working alongside Netflix to bring you Luffy into real life.

Creator Eiichiro Oda confirmed back in January 2020 that Netflix would be the one’s to take the show into the real world and said: “I know I announced the production of this back in 2017, but these things take time!”

Later, Oda confirmed once more: “Preparations have been slowly progressing behind the scenes, and it seems I can finally make the big announcement: Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, will be lending us their tremendous production support! This is so encouraging!”

Now, Netflix have shared the first teaser image of the production as they preview a script from the show. Episode 101, titled here as Romance Dawn, cannot come soon enough.