Netflix announces new reality show ‘Super Rich in Korea’
(Credits: Netflix)

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Netflix announces new reality show ‘Super Rich in Korea’

Netflix has unveiled its new reality TV series, Super Rich in Korea, hosted by GOT7’s BamBam. 

Yet another ostentatious reality series, Super Rich in Korea, will follow “the ultra-luxurious lives of the world’s wealthiest in the heart of Korea”.

The new reality TV show will feature well-monied personalities such as Yoo Hee-ra, Singaporean entrepreneur David Yong and Arab social media celebrity Noor Naim, among several others. The show seeks to expose the lifestyles of the rich and famous in thriving South Korea while exploring the country’s rapidly evolving culture.

In its official synopsis, Netflix adds that the series will “unveil a realm where luxury cars and haute couture are everyday sights, and exclusive parties are the norm. It’s a deep dive into a lifestyle where wealth meets Korean cultural flair.”

Super Rich in Korea will arrive on the streaming platform in April. The hosts are GOT7 member BamBam, OH MY GIRL singer Mimi and South Korean comedian Cho Sae-ho. Meanwhile, the show was directed by Yuh Woon-hyuk. 

In other Korean showbusiness news, actor Park Seo-jun has recently responded to criticism regarding the snail-like pace of the first season of his Netflix K-drama Gyeongseong Creature. He said the second season will be “much faster-paced”. 

Elsewhere, Netflix recently debuted the K-drama The Bequeathed by the Hellbound and Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho. 

Watch the trailer for The Bequeathed and see the official announcement for Super Rich in Korea below.