Netflix Originals as popular as major movies
(Credit: Thibault Penin)

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Netflix Originals as popular as major movies

Research from Ampere Analysis has found that a quarter of all releases in the last five years expected to go on to achieve long term popularity are likely to be Netflix Originals. This rivals both Disney and WarnerMedia when it comes to content that will be valuable in the long run.

The research took into account user reviews, popularity scores based on the volume of interest, the website traffic and box office incomes to produce an overall rating. 

The research found that Netflix’s Originals have accounted for at least 31% of the most popular releases since 2019, with the streaming service seemingly prospering in the changing way that intake media. 

Of Netflix’s highest-ranking content, 79% of it consisted of TV series, which is why the company is aiming to bolster its film production capacity moving forward, in order to help balance the scales. 

This strategy will follow a similar pattern to their original take on TV series that according to Advanced Television, sat 124 titles in 2015 and rapidly rose to 2000 as of 2020. 

“Competition in the SVoD market has intensified with studio-backed new entrants producing their own Originals (a number of which are based on existing, popular IP) and reclaiming titles licensed to Netflix for their own platforms,” notes analyst Rahul Patel.

Concluding: “But as the dominant commissioner of popular SVoD Originals and with an increasingly large release slate, Netflix has established a production brand to an extent unrivalled by any other SVoD platform.”