Netflix releases new trailer for Norwegian movie ‘The Trip’ with Noomi Rapace
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix releases new trailer for Norwegian movie 'The Trip' with Noomi Rapace

Netflix has released the official new trailer for The Trip, a Norwegian dark comedy film set to hit the streaming platform on October 15. The movie will star big-name actors Aksel Hennie and Noomi Rapace and is directed by Tommy Wirkola.

“Lars (Aksel Hennie) and Lisa (Noomi Rapace) have lost much of the love that brought them together in the first place,” a description reads. “Now, they’re struggling to maintain their marriage, and their ambitions. Lars’ career as a director has stalled out in soap operas, and Lisa hasn’t landed a part in years. Lars feels ignored, suspects he’s being cheated on, and struggles financially. Lisa thinks Lars is a spoiled, self-centred coward.”

Adding: “Nothing about their lives turned out the way they’d thought it would – their marriage least of all. So a weekend trip to the family cabin in the woods seems to offer them both an opportunity to get rid of the other. Permanently.

“But not even this goes according to plan. The trip involves more surprises and unforeseen turns of events than they’d imagined.”

The cast list of The Trip includes Noomi Rapace, Aksel Hennie, Atle Antonsen, Christian Rubeck and André Eriksen among others.

The film is directed by Tommy Wirkola who has served as the screenwriter together with Nick Ball and John Niven. The Trip is produced by Jørgen Storm Rosenberg and Kjetil Omberg of 74 Entertainment AS.

See the trailer, below.