Netflix might be working on a new ‘The Tinder Swindler’ film
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix might be working on a new 'The Tinder Swindler' film

Netflix’s latest hit true-crime documentary, The Tinder Swindler has taken the world by storm. Truly a modern-day horror story, it has reigned supreme on the most-watched charts in nearly 92 countries. 

The documentary follows the exploits of Simon Hayut, a man of Israeli descent, who adopted the alias of Simon Leviev and ran a dangerous Ponzi scheme. Posing as a diamond heir and flaunting his allegedly opulent lifestyle, he lured in various women via the titular dating app and conned hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Directed by Felicity Morris, the documentary shows how schemingly he manipulated these women into believing falsified narratives about his alleged “enemies” and pushed them into neck-deep debts before being arrested by Interpol for travelling on a fake passport. 

Although he was briefly arrested, he is now a free man. The dramatised account of the story shows the injustice meted out to the women and the failure of the legal system. 

Since this tale has shocked people worldwide and has piqued interest in the subject, Netflix has allegedly decided to bring a full-fledged dramatised film on board. They have met with producers to discuss various angles for the new film.   

A dangerous tale about catfishing, dating apps and manipulation, the documentary is indeed a modern-day horror story and a cautionary tale to one and all. 

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