Netflix’s ‘Midnight Mass’ star hints at a possible second season
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Netflix’s 'Midnight Mass' star hints at a possible second season

Mike Flanagan’s 2021 limited series Midnight Mass was said to be the director’s “favourite project so far” and saw a perfect blend of darkness and myth, with the psychological and spatial horror emanating both from supernatural elements as well as the evils of “human nature”. 

With various Biblical allusions, a constant debate regarding good and evil, morality, darkness and madness as well as blood-drinking vampires and a set of layered characters, the show was yet another chilling addition to the Flanagan-verse. Following Gerald’s Game, Doctor Sleep, The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor among others, the series was a resounding success with audiences. 

Although critically, the series lost its way in the middle and was somehow overwhelmed by the popularity of its Korean contemporary series Squid Game, it garnered enough popularity. Now, star Michael Trucco has hinted at the possibility of a season two. 

Trucco, who played Wade Scarborough, the Mayor of the devoutly Catholic fishing island Crockett Island,  recently spoke about the possible second season around which there allegedly has been a lot of “hearsay and conjecture”. 

Trucco attributed the “overwhelmingly positive” reaction to the series which might lead to a second season. Alluding to the shocking end of the series, he said, “It does lend itself, the way it ended, there is a possibility of life beyond.”

Having previously appeared in Flanagan’s 2016 thriller Hush, Trucco expressed his genuine admiration for the filmmaker’s vision and ingenious creativity. Talking about how Flanagan and his longtime production collaborator Trevor Macy have the “Midas touch” while developing films and shows, he spoke of how an actor could only “dream about a scenario” to be in such a “creative circle”. 

He spoke of his enthusiasm at the prospect of season two. “Would I go back and do season 2? Yes. I would do it in a heartbeat,” he said, before adding, “But I would do just about anything with Mike and Trevor. I’m just a satellite orbiting the Flaniverse.”

However, according to Trucco, Flanagan and Macy’s “slate is so full” that it makes him wonder if they would have time for a season two. Trucco was also seen in The Disappearance at Lake Elrod, a dark and twisted story of mystery and suspense. 

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