Netflix show ‘Lucifer’: What is Rachael Harris’ net worth?
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Netflix show 'Lucifer': What is Rachael Harris' net worth?

Rachael Harris might not be the leading character on Lucifer, but she is more powerful than Chloe and Mazikeen combined, owing to her sheer talent and abilities to help her patients.- especially Lucifer Morningstar – deal with his daddy issues, among other things. As Dr. Linda Martin, the psychotherapist on Netflix’s widely-acclaimed series Lucifer, Harris has amassed an enormous fan following. 

Although she has starred in a number of films and TV shows as a supporting actress, her prolific talent helps her shine brighter than the rest. With her decades of experience, it is safe to assume that Harris has accumulated quite the name and fame besides building up admirable net worth. Besides becoming Tom Ellis’ therapist and confidante, Harris is known for her roles in The Hangover, Suits, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and more. 

Here is everything that we need to know about Rachael Harris’ acting career and her net worth:

What is Rachael Harris’ net worth?

How did Rachael Harris venture into acting?

Rachael Harris graduated with a fine arts degree in 1989 from Otterbein College in Ohio and followed her heart by jumping into her acting career. She was a part of an LA-based improv theatre group called The Groundlings, where she began to get a deeper understanding of character sketches while honing her comedic streak. 

Within some time, she was bagging small yet reprising roles in various TV shows, namely Sister, Sister, Star Trek: Voyage and more. From there, she starred in supporting roles that helped her flaunt her comedic flair, all the while honing her performance skills. Besides her reprising role in Lucifer, Harris is no stranger to boasting of appearances in popular TV shows, including Friends, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Frasier and more.

Rachael Harris in Lucifer. (Credit: Netflix / John Fleenor)

What were Rachael Harris’ breakthrough roles?

With nearly 500 titles to her name, Harris has spent nearly 30 years playing various comic yet underrated roles. It is via her recent appearances on shows like Suits and Lucifer that people finally started taking notice of her acting chops. 

As Sheila in Suits, Harris displayed her ability to play complicated characters with effortless ease and poise – something that she had developed over years of honing her acting skills. In Lucifer, the actress appears as the whimsical and cynical Linda who, via her exceptionally wise yet funny advice, helps the Prince of Hell gain clarity. 

What is Rachael Harris’ net worth?

Although Harris has never appeared in leading roles and has resorted to playing underappreciated yet crucial supporting characters, she has managed to build an impressive fortune over the last few decades and has a net worth of a staggering $4 million

Besides her extensive work in the field of acting, she has been a diligent investor in real estate and owns a $1.7 million NYC apartment. Quite recently, she listed her Studio City home for a whopping $2.3 million.