Netflix considers launching a behind-the-scenes content channel, ‘N-Plus’
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Netflix considers launching a behind-the-scenes content channel, ‘N-Plus’

Netflix is considering launching a new platform that would allow fans to check out behind-the-scenes footage via an N-Plus content hub.  

The streaming service recently sent out surveys to a select group asking whether they would use a service that allowed them to see making-of footage, interviews, and various other atypical DVD extras via a new hub. 

According to the survey, N-Plus would include “text, image, and video feeds you can sign up for news, interviews, analysis, deep dives, games, how-to’s, audience conversations, music, podcasts and more.”

It would also seem that N-Plus would not be held behind a paywall and would have open access that could be viewed from a browser. Reports by Protocol also suggests that N-Plus would include elements of social platforms, such as the ability to share playlists and interact with other fans. 

Naturally, the results of the survey have not been made public, and it is unclear whether N-Plus would ever go ahead, but it is a noteworthy thing to consider as the streaming service moves forward with its push of more original content. 

With competition rising from the likes of Disney+ and Amazon Prime and debts to be recovered, it would certainly represent an interesting diversification for the platform.