Netflix pay $30m for a Kanye West documentary decades in the making
(Credit: David Shankbone)


Netflix pay $30m for a Kanye West documentary decades in the making

In 2003, Kanye West released his first music video for his debut single ‘Through The Wire’. Since then, it’s fair to say that a lot has happened in the life of the seminal rapper; he began comparing himself to Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso and The Pyramids of Giza for starters.

The directors of that 2003 music video were the duo known as Coodie & Chike consisting of Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah. This started an ongoing collaboration between Kanye West and the directors which have, apparently, endured and seemingly even stretched back before 2003 all the way to 1998.

Billboard has now reported that Netflix has acquired the rights to that footage that Coodie & Chike have been collecting over the last few decades in a $30million deal. The footage will be cut and edited in a docu-series that charts Kanye’s rise to being “50 per cent more influential than Stanley Kubrick, Pablo Picasso and Apostle Paul.”

Kanye is not creatively involved with the final edit of the project itself, this will be undertaken by Their Creative Control in conjunction with TIME Studios. The docu-series will feature never before seen footage covering the multitude of the major events in Kanye’s life and career, including the death of his mother, his move into fashion design, and his failed 2020 presidential run.

As of yet neither Kanye West’s representatives or Netflix have commented on the initial Billboard report, thus further details are expected in the coming weeks.

Earlier this year it was announced that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were undergoing divorce proceedings in what represents a tumultuous period for the rap icon.

You can check out Coodie & Chike’s iconic debut effort with Kanye for ‘Through The Wire’ below.