Netflix just ordered its first-ever pilot starring Samara Weaving
(Credit: Eva Rinaldi)


Netflix just ordered its first-ever pilot starring Samara Weaving

While it may have been making extraordinary television and movies for years, Netflix has rarely done things in the traditional manner. It means while most networks would order a pilot of a potential series to gauge audience reaction before green-lighting a full series, the streaming platform has played by a different rulebook.

However, now, over a decade into its production, the platform has finally given into convention and ordered its first-ever pilot.

The comedy series Little Sky, created by Rightor Doyle and starring Scream VI actor Samara Weaving, will be the platform’s first-ever pilot. A single-camera comedy will also be executive produced by Weaving.

Little Sky will focus on Penelope Paul Porter, played by Weaving, who is trying to achieve her lifelong dream of being a news anchor. After receiving an anonymous tip about the missing Mayor of Little Sky, she sees her opportunity.

The story is set in the remote and spooky town of Little Sky and sees Weaving as the rambunctious lead. Comedy series often need to have a few episodes to settle in, so the need for a pilot may provide the platform with an inkling of how this piece will continue.

Those expecting to see a ream of pilots fro Netflix, however, will be disappointed. It is likely that this piece was a special case, though the success of Little Sky could provoke more pilots in the future.