Netflix is developing “fresh new remake” of ‘One Piece’ anime
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Netflix is developing "fresh new remake” of 'One Piece' anime

Following on from the success of Netflix’s One Piece, the streamer has announced a new anime series, The One Piece, is currently in production.

A spin-off of Eiichiro Oda’s beloved East Blue Saga manga series, The One Piece will be a “fresh new remake”, separate from the previous reimagining, which smashed viewing records set by the fourth season of Stranger Things and Wednesday.

On its Tulum website, Netflix announced that Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures were far from over.

“While we wait for upcoming episodes of the live-action version of One Piece, the Straw Hats are journeying anew into the East Blue in Netflix’s new anime adaptation, The One Piece,” the streamer wrote.

While the release date is unspecified, fans can look forward to the “search of the mysterious One Piece treasure,” involving “dangerous villains and rivals” Luffy and his gang encounter at sea.

In the accompanying teaser video, fans can here the new voice of Luffy declaring: “First things first, I’ve got to get a crew. I think about ten men should do.”

In a four-star review of One Piece: Best of Netflix wrote: “Both fans of the original material and newcomers can easily waltz into this world of pirates, marines, hybrid humans, and the grand adventures that Matt Owens and Steven Maeda developed. This adaptation honours the source material and goes all gung-ho into building a world that is instantly warm, lived-in, and welcoming.”