Netflix is bringing a reimagined Judy Blume’s classic love story to life
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Netflix is bringing a reimagined Judy Blume's classic love story to life

First loves are forever, and the endurance of their stories lasts even longer, it seems, as Netflix green-lights a new series based on Judy Blume’s 1975 novel, Love Story. Focussed on the love story between two teenagers, it’s a timeless ode to early experiences. 

The news comes a year after the release of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, a major box office success based on Blume’s novel of the same name. In the 1970s, Blume was the leading writer in the world of young adult novels, helping a generation of girls navigate growing up. Now, another one of her stories is coming to life.

In a reimagined take on the novel, it’ll follow two teenagers as they explore race, sexuality and other awkward firsts that come along with teenhood. Producer Mara Brock Akil is leading the project as she attempts to reinvigorate the iconic novel for modern audiences. 

Like the book, the series will examine “the idea of your first love being with you forever,” according to Brock Akil. “Judy Blume’s ability to capture the real emotions we experience during the various rites of passage of our youth influenced my life choices and writing voice,” she continued.

“I’m honored to reimagine one of my favorite books, Forever,” the producer concluded. Regina King is also involved as an executive producer and the director of the first episode.

Judy Blume herself is on the team as an executive producer, overseeing the reworking of her novel. Susie Fitzgerald, Erika Harrison, Sara White, King, and Shana Waterman make up the rest of the production team.

As for the cast, Lovie Simone and Michael Cooper Jr have been cast in the lead roles of Keisha Clark and Justin Edwards. Based on the characters of Katherine and Michael from the novel, Keisha is a confident track star with clear life goals, while Justin is unsure of his path, torn between athletics and academics. 

Forever is Brock Akil’s first project as part of a wider deal with Netflix. “Mara’s creative and authentic storytelling allows us to present a fresh take on an iconic coming-of-age love story,” Netflix’s vice president of overall deals, Renate Radford, said in 2022. She added, “We look forward to bringing the series to a global audience.”