Netflix horror ‘Bird Box’ is getting a Spanish spin-off
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix horror ‘Bird Box’ is getting a Spanish spin-off

In 2018, Bird Box was the film that proved to be somewhat of a Christmas sensation with families gathered in households around the world asking whether they had watched it. The horror hit that reached over 89 million homes in its first four weeks is now set for a Spanish language spin-off for the streaming service.

The project will see original producers Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan return while Spanish directorial duo Alex and David Pastor will take on creative control of the latest horror incarnation. They will also be penning the screenplay.

The duo has previously worked for Netflix on the acclaimed thriller, The Occupant, which was released in 2020 and the 2009 pandemic movie Carriers.

Deadline reported that this could be the first of many spin-offs for the project as the streaming giant aims to replicate the success of the original in all of their regions. Currently, the original, starring Sandra Bullock, resides as the second most-watched Netflix movie ever.

As of yet, there have been no casting announcements, but with production due to start later this year, they are expected imminently.

In other Bird Box news, the author Josh Malerman, whose novel of the same name inspired the original, has heavily hinted that a follow-up may be in the works, with a cryptic no-smoke-without-fire “I can’t say much” statement.

You can catch a trailer for the original, below.