Netflix hit ‘The Glory’ results in bullying crackdown in South Korean schools
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix hit 'The Glory' results in bullying crackdown in South Korean schools

Netflix’s latest K-drama hit, The Glory, followed a woman who seeks revenge on her old classmate bullies in a grisly fashion. This tale illuminated the latent impact of teenage bullying and has since prompted South Korean schools to respond with a crackdown.

The series occupied the top ten list on Netflix for well over a month ensuring that its anti-bullying message reached millions of people all over the world. Now, the South Korean government has looked to enact that in policies.

In South Korea, suicide has been the leading cause of death among young people since 2007. In order to tackle this problem, the government have announced that bullying will affect the college admissions process for the perpetrator for four years after the incident. This new policy will come into action in 2023.

“We can no longer tolerate rampant school violence,” Prime Minister Han Duck-soo told reporters at a briefing on the matter. “The high interest in a recent TV show that based its story on school violence reflects the public’s stern voice,” he said in separate comments at a committee meeting.

There have already been hints that the influential series will also return for a third season. However, no announcement has been made.