Netflix has great news for fans of ‘The Circle US’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix has great news for fans of 'The Circle US'

Although in the United Kingdom, The Circle has not been performing well, The Circle US is a chart-topper and is drawing in a massive amount of viewers to the platform, which prompted Netflix to renew it for another season. 

Previously, Channel 4 had decided to not bring in The Circle for the fourth season. However, Netflix has amazing news in store for fans who loved watching influencers catfish each other in the competition. 

Netflix has recently announced the “largest” ever casting call for reality TV shows, and the list includes The Circle as well. On the blog post, it has been confirmed that while the third season is premiering this year, The Circle has been renewed for seasons four and five. 

This is due to the “overwhelming response” from fans that includes “more than 14 million households” tuning in to watch the shows “28 days after it premiered in April”, making it one of Netflix’s “most popular unscripted shows”. 

Brandon Riegg, the VP for Netflix’s unscripted and documentary series, has promised a set of “new twists and surprises in store as each cast of contestants strategises to earn the ultimate cash prize as top influencer”. The post also announced Michelle Buteau, the sharp and witty host, to make a comeback for both seasons. 

UK fans of the show, fret not. Netflix is allegedly in talks with Studio Lambert and is on the verge of renewing both shows. 

A Netflix spokesperson told DigitalSpy that since the second season of The Circle US was faring pretty well, “we are in talks with Netflix about the future of the show in both America and in the UK”.