Netflix has a new number-one movie in the UK
(Credits: BBC)

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Netflix has a new number-one movie in the UK

A true crime documentary about a fatal car crash has become the highest-streamed film on Netflix in the UK and Ireland. The news of the documentary’s overnight success comes as a surprise.  

Car Crash: Who’s Lying? was initially created and produced for the BBC in 2018 with moderate success, but since landing on the streaming service this month, it has seen a range of new viewers tuning in. In claiming the top spot, the film has surpassed pictures expected to be number one, including the crime-comedy Hit Man and Jordan Peele’s Western alien horror Nope.

According to the BBC, the documentary is a “Compelling single narrative documentary that tells the story of an unlikely group of friends in a close-knit community in Hampshire, who find themselves at the centre of an intense police investigation.” 

It continues, “With access to never-before-seen police bodycam footage of the crash site, viewers are taken directly into the heart of the aftermath of a catastrophic collision between a car and a tree on a dark country road.” 

The crash that the film focuses on occurred near Southwick, Hampshire in January 2016. It claimed the life of one passenger and injured some of the others who were inside. 

The film’s success seems to be down to the raw nature of the way that it is put together. There is no unnecessary build up or filler, which often flood episodes of true crime series on Netflix, and instead the heart of the show is tapped into quickly and the footage that is shown to viewers is particularly harrowing. 

The film starts with the harrowing stat that “Young people are three times more likely to die in a car crash than from guns, knives and alcohol,” and it continues to follow a similar tone. 

Watch the trailer for Car Crash: Who’s Lying? below.