Netflix releases the first trailer for ‘Sweet Home 2’
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix releases the first trailer for ‘Sweet Home 2’

Following three years in the shadows, the South Korea apocalyptic horror TV show Sweet Home will be arriving once again on Netflix, with the streaming service announcing the long-awaited second season of the popular series.

The show has been adapted from a famous web cartoon of the same name and first arrived on Netflix back in 2020. It was the first South Korean production to make its way into the top ten series on the streaming service.

Last year, Netflix revealed that there would be a further two seasons of Sweet Home produced, although no further information was given until now.

The trailer for Sweet Home 2 has now been released and shows that the series will likely pick up from where the first season left off. It sees protagonist Hyun-su (played by Song Kang) being transported to a dark facility bound to a cage.

In a press release, director Lee Eung-bok announced that season two will be a “full-fledged apocalyptic drama.” 

He added, “While season 1 portrayed tension and fear in the confined space of the Green Home, season 2 will be set in an open space with the introduction of a whole new group of characters and monsters.”

Check out the trailer for Sweet Home 2 below.