Netflix film ‘Red Notice’ releases new teaser
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix film 'Red Notice' releases new teaser

Netflix’s Red Notice, which is set to be the streaming platform’s biggest film ever, is slated for a 12th November 2021 release. Recently, at the global fan event TUDUM, they unveiled a new teaser. 

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, the film is set to be an exciting heist film where Dwayne Johnson’s character, Rusty, is said to be the FBI’s best tracker, while Gadot and Reynolds are brilliant thieves. 

Johnson and Reynolds will most likely see themselves leaning on each other for support in their relentless pursuit of Gadot.   

Netflix unveiled the trailer a couple of weeks back, and intriguingly, the film derives its name from the Interpol red notices issued for “fugitives wanted wither for prosecution or to serve a sentence”.

According to the synopsis, the film will show how a daunting heist will make the trio come together. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, the film will show the Rock and Deadpool clashing with Wonder Woman. 

The teaser shows Gadot putting up a tough front against both men. In her red gown, she basically beats the tux-clad men to a pulp like an absolute badass. She also handcuffs them in the end. Kinky, huh? 

Watch the exclusive teaser below: