Netflix feature will only show films under 90 minutes
Credit: Mollie Sivaram

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Netflix feature will only show films under 90 minutes

Thankfully, Netflix has been a constant companion for us during the global pandemic. As we’ve spent months on end trapped inside our homes with only the TV screen for company, Netflix has been on hand to make things a little more enjoyable.

As well as investing in new titles to bring us, Netflix has also been working hard to bring brand new features to the platform to enhance their user experience. Sometimes, these are small Easter eggs; other times, they’re all-encompassing features. The latest feature from Netflix will see it only feature films with a run time of under 90 minutes.

The new category will become a part of Netflix’s main navigation and will be titled ‘Movies under 90 Minutes’. The aim is to ensure that users have less time searching for a film for the perfect occasion.

Movies are getting longer and longer these days and the new feature will provide something a little shorter but certainly sweeter for the audience. While we can all appreciate a lengthy film, the chances are, you won’t always have time to sit down for a three-hour epic. Instead, you might prefer to grab a slightly shorter piece.

Now, with the new category, a section of Netflix’s extensive library will be made available to you with all of the best sub-90 minute films around. The streaming platform confirmed the new category in a tweet with a selection of titles that fall into the category.

Of those titles there is the Oscar-nominated Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the incredible Space Jam — to name a few.

Make use of the feature right now.