Netflix explains why ‘The Power of the Dog’ will be removed from the service
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix explains why 'The Power of the Dog' will be removed from the service

Just because a movie or television show is released as a Netflix Original, this doesn’t mean that it will permanently remain on the streaming service. 

Jane Campion’s Oscar-winning movie The Power of the Dog is the latest Netflix Original to be booted from the streaming service, much to the confusion of many users. 

While the streamer is no stranger to removing titles, it rarely removes Netflix Originals. However, last year, the streamer got rid of the series Hemlock Grove, the first sign that no Netflix Originals are safe from deletion. 

This is now the case for The Power of the Dog, released in 2021 to critical acclaim. It received a short theatre run before it became available for widespread release on Netflix. The movie starred Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons and Benedict Cumberbatch, with critics labelling it one of the best films of the year.

Many Netflix users can’t understand why the movie is being removed from the service on August 19th. However, the streamer has confirmed with The Independent that the film will return in a year’s time. Until then, The Power of the Dog will be in the hands of the BBC. 

At the Oscars, the movie received 12 nominations, winning ‘Best Director’ for Campion, making her the third woman to earn the coveted prize. The movie was also up for awards such as ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’.

Watch the trailer below.