Netflix drops trailer for upcoming film ‘Night Teeth’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix drops trailer for upcoming film 'Night Teeth'

After releasing the first look images to tease their audience, Netflix has finally released the trailer for the upcoming horror thriller Night Teeth, which will begin streaming on the platform from October 20, 2021. 

Directed by Adam Randall, the film will be based on the misadventures of a young chauffeur on a late-night Los Angeles adventure. 

Quirky and idiosyncratic, Benny is a broke college student in desperate need of cash who decides to work as a chauffeur. He is tasked with taking out two mysterious women on a night of incessant party-hopping and debauchery in Los Angeles. Soon, he learns of their sinister nature and an instant obsession with his blood. 

He is caught in a vicious cross-fire between vampires and those attempting to protect the world from the bloodsuckers and send the monsters back into the shadows. 

The film seems to be pretty bizarre and interesting, starring Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Alfie Allen, Lucy Fry, Debby Ryan, Sydney Sweeney, Raul Castillo, Megan Fox, and more. 

As this classic humans versus vampire tale grace the platform in the darkest month of the year, just a few days before Halloween, be prepared for a wild ride through the buzz and hubbub of Los Angeles. 

Oh, and did we mention the film stars Megan Fox? 

Check out the trailer below: