Netflix drops trailer for ‘BECKHAM’ docuseries
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix drops trailer for ‘BECKHAM’ docuseries

Netflix has sent waves of excitement worldwide with the release of the official trailer for their upcoming four-part documentary series, BECKHAM. This eagerly anticipated series offers an intimate look into the life and career of the iconic English footballer David Beckham.

The trailer opens with a montage of vintage photographs and footage from Beckham’s early years, highlighting his humble beginnings in East London and his unwavering passion for football. A voice from perhaps an old news clip sets the stage, declaring, “Tonight, we bring you the story of how David Beckham became a global phenomenon.” 

BECKHAM arrives on the streamer on October 4th, and it claims it will tell the “inside story of a global football star and cultural icon”. The broader synopsis of the show reads: “David Beckham is one of the most known names on the planet, yet few people know who he really is.”

It continues: “From his humble working-class beginnings in east London, his drive and determination to win, and the battle to find balance between ambition, love and family, David’s story is one of immense ups and downs.” 

Concluding: “The series takes you on that rollercoaster and builds a surprising, personal and definitive story of one of the most recognisable and scrutinised athletes of all time.”

As the trailer plays on, viewers are treated to a glimpse of Beckham’s illustrious football journey, from his days at Manchester United to his time at Real Madrid, interspersed with moments of triumph and controversy. 

The documentary also promises to delve into his personal life, featuring candid interviews with both David and his wife, Victoria Beckham, who gained fame as part of the pop quintet the Spice Girls.

BECKHAM is directed by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens and co-executive produced by David Garnder and Gary Neville. It promises an engaging blend of never-before-seen personal archive footage, contemporary insights, and interviews with family, friends, and footballing figures who have played pivotal roles in Beckham’s extraordinary journey.

The year 2023 has been a monumental year for David Beckham, as his MLS expansion team, Inter Miami FC, signed on football legend Lionel Messi, adding to the excitement surrounding the documentary series. 

BECKHAM is all set to premiere on Netflix on October 4th, 2023.