Netflix’s hit film ‘Do Revenge’ is accused of anti-Semitism
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix's hit film ‘Do Revenge’ is accused of anti-Semitism

Netflix’s new film, Do Revenge, has been accused of using anti-Semitic tropes by users online.

The film stars Austin Abrams from Euphoria as Max, who is the villain of the piece, although he pretends to be an ally to Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke’s characters. He creates the ‘Cis Hetero Men Championing Women Identifying Students League’ to spotlight the wrongs within society, but unfortunately, it’s all a front.

The lineage of Do Revenge begins with Patricia Highsmith’s celebrated classic novel Strangers on a Train attracted Alfred Hitchcock’s attention, who adapted it in 1951. Robert Sparr worked his magic on the film in 1969, and now Someone Great filmmaker Jennifer Kaytin Robinson has done the same in her teenage subversion of the similar plot, Do Revenge

However, viewers have noted a flaw with the film and believe the character, Max, includes anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews being viewed as evil. One Twitter user posted: “uhm do revenge was fun idk why the big bad guy had to be jewish but it seems like a necessity for hollywood movies at this point. other than the stinky antisemitism.”

Meanwhile, another said: “me, casually enjoying Do Revenge: (smiley emoji), me, realizing that the main villian consistently wears a star of david necklace: (smiley emoji), me, noticing that gabbi *doesn’t* wear one and max is called the devil: (straight-faced emoji), netflix, babe, your antisemitism is showing”.

Another added: “do revenge on Netflix (unhappy emoji) overall a good film but my god the more i think about it the casual antisemitism is off the CHARTS”.

It was also said by one user: “So @netflix maybe you could explain why the rich lying cheating misogynist teen in “Do Revenge” is specifically Jewish? What anti semitic TRASH am I watching. The mispronounced unnecessary Yiddish “funny words” are especially disgusting.”

Meanwhile, Maya Hawke, who stars in Do Revenge, recently said she hoped her Stranger Things character would die in the upcoming season.

Watch the trailer below for Do Revenge.