Netflix debuts new images from ‘Heartstopper’ season two
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix debuts new images from 'Heartstopper' season two

The brand new season of Heartstopper has been teased by Netflix, with the streaming service releasing a series of new images.  

Starring the likes of Kit Connor, Yasmin Finney, Joe Locke, William Gao, Sebastian Croft, and the Oscar award-winner Olivia Colman, the beloved teen drama tells the story of two new friends who steadily fall in love. On Wednesday, May 26th, Netflix released the first set of images for series two, offering our very first look inside the show, with the pictures featuring Nick (Connor) and Charlie (Locke) all loved up.  

Other images show Tara (Corinna Brown) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) sharing a moment on a rooftop, as well as Tao (Gao) and Elle (Finney) on their first date. 

The show’s highly anticipated second season will start streaming in the summer, with fans eager to find out how their favourite characters will fare. 

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to watch the show on an account that isn’t paid for by someone in your household, you may want to rethink how you’ll access the new season, with Netflix clamping down on people sharing accounts with friends and family across the UK. 

Take a look at the brand-new images from Heartstopper season two below.