Netflix crew mistook Billie Piper for BBC Newsnight producer on ‘Scoop’ set
(Credits: Peter Mountain / Netflix)

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Netflix crew mistook Billie Piper for BBC Newsnight producer on 'Scoop' set

The former Newsnight producer, Sam McAllister, revealed that while filming the new Netflix drama Scoop, she was persistently mistaken for Billie Piper. 

During an interview on This Morning, McCallister said that she and Piper, who is playing Emily Matis, were constantly getting mixed up by other members of the Scoop crew. 

“People could not tell us apart,” she said, “I’m on set, and people are shouting at me, ‘Billie, why are you here?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m Sam!’ Everyone got so confused.”

The film is highly anticipated, as it will depict how the BBC team got the interview with Prince Andrew in 2019 and the events that unfolded throughout. It is adapted from McAlister’s book Scoops: Behind The Scenes of the BBC’s Most Shocking Interview

The film is set to be released on April 5th and has a star-studded cast of Gillian Anderson, Billie Piper, Keeley Hawes and Rufus Sewell. Peter Moffat wrote the screenplay, and Philip Martin takes on director duties. 

The Prince Andrew interview is widely referred to as a car crash and quickly acted as a catalyst for his downfall. Thanks to his affiliations with Jeffrey Epstein and the allegations of Andrew’s sexual assault, he was forced to step down from royal duties and paid an out-of-court settlement of £12 million. 

You can check out the trailer for the new Netflix film below.