Netflix creator spills details about new ‘Cowboy Bebop’ series
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Netflix creator spills details about new 'Cowboy Bebop' series

The immensely popular anime series from the 1990s, Cowboy Bebop, is getting its own Netflix live-action adaptation series set to premiere on 19th November 2021. Fans of the anime and the manga are already anticipating the series and have forged a lot of conspiracy theories regarding the same. 

Creator and showrunner Andre Nemec has spoken about the upcoming adaptation at length to clear out certain doubts that fans may harbour in their minds regarding the series. 

The anime series will be set in outer space, starring John Cho, Danielle Pineda and Mustafa Shakir as Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine and Jet Black. There, a ragtag team of bounty hunters try to escape from their past demons while hunting down and battling some of the most dangerous adversaries across the solar system.  

Nemec has said that the show will not be a one-to-one remake of the original as it would not hold any meaning. Instead, he spoke of the most crucial elements that were introduced to the show. 

Fans have seen that the characters in the live-action series are quite “aged-up”, which Nemec says is deliberate. Besides John Cho having previously defended himself playing the older version of Spiegel, Nemec noted that the characters in the anime are pretty “archetypal”. 

He said that it worked well for that particular medium, but he would much rather have more mature and experienced characters in his live-action series. “I think that [casting aged-up characters] really became clear to me that to really feel for these characters, to really want to track and live with them, they needed real depth of life experience in their soul,” he said. 

However, he spoke of how the anime would always serve as the main inspiration for the character mapping and the progression of the narrative. 

Nemec had an interesting way of describing the characters. He called Spiegel “a cowboy with a broken heart”, Black was called “the eternal optimist, a grumpy guy with a heart of jelly beans”, and Nemec described Valentine as a “survivor”, who, despite all the “hardships of the world around her,” would continue to “press forward”. 

Nemec said that with the essence of these characters remaining intact, they “began to craft stories for these characters.”

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