Netflix set to crack down on password sharing in 2023
(Credit: Cameron Venti)


Netflix set to crack down on password sharing in 2023

We’ve been on borrowed time for a while now, and as Netflix look to recoup as much money as possible, the streaming giant is set to crack down on the act of password sharing among multiple accounts. 

This tact has been touted for a while now but coming up with a method that works has been easier said than done for Netflix. However, they now seem to have solved the troubleshooting issues and are set to roll out their plan in 2023. 

Earlier in the year, Netflix felt the full force of the current economic downturn. Its share price tumbled after a slew of subscribers left. This prompted them to introduce a tiered ad service, and since then it has been recovering. Nevertheless, it caused them to rethink where they could boost their revenue. 

After the first subscriber decrease in ten years, the company decided to go after those who use the platform without technically having their own account. Netflix will enforce its new password-sharing rules through IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity.

The streaming service estimates they receive revenue from roughly 222 million paying households; however, a further 100 million are estimated to use the service without their own paying account. 

It is believed that the streaming service plans to phase in the new policy and offer users the chance to sort out the situation before being blocked so as not to upset users.