Netflix could change its binge model and start releasing episodes weekly
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Netflix could change its binge model and start releasing episodes weekly

Netflix are deciding whether to change their model and could begin releasing episodes of TV series on a weekly basis rather than their current binge strategy.

Puck have written a profile with Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings to commemorate 25 years of the business. In the piece, they explore why the streaming service has been such a success, and also speculate about what its future could look like.

Analyst Michael Nathanson spoke to the publication about Netflix’s current methods, and said, “It’s not a model that makes a lot of sense.” Puck added, “Netflix says there’s no hard evidence that week-to-week episodes reduce subscriber churn, but the Netflix churn rate has been inching higher, and it is now the only streamer with a default all-at-once strategy.”

“He’s a rational person,” Nathanson said about Hastings. “They have their own schedule and process, and at some point logic will force them to make these changes.”

Netflix’s tumbling subscriber base has put the company in a problematic position, and they need to come up with a radical idea to rescue themselves. It was recently suggested the idea of adding advertisements to your Netflix account, with promises of cheaper rates. Netflix hope that by bringing in ads, it can reduce the cost of its most popular package and offer an enticing opportunity to would-be subscribers.

Netflix are currently working to put together a cost-effective plan which could cost the price of the service by half to $7, which could increase their subscriber base while also increasing revenues through advertising. Furthermore, if subscribers are paying less, they are less likely to be upset about episodes being released weekly.