Netflix cheat codes for music documentaries
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Netflix cheat codes for music documentaries

By now, many people would say that they’re sick of trawling for an indefinable amount of time through Netflix, looking for something suitable to watch. It often seems that whilst there is so much on offer on the streaming service, there’s not much choice, a paradox, but one that is true for everyone who has a subscription. We’ve all spent hours looking through Netflix for something captivating to watch, and most of the time, despite the amount of time we’ve spent looking, our thirst is never quenched.

However, that’s about to change. If you’re a film buff or a TV geek, you’re about to be given the keys to the back door, something that will save you hours and open your eyes and mind up to infinite watching possibilities. 

Unsurprisingly, there are many titles on the service that you’ve never set eyes upon due to just how extensive Netflix’s library is. To cut through the morass of titles, there exist cheat codes that, when typed into an internet search bar, optimise your quest, and point you in a specific direction based on genre. There are thousands of such codes, and every one of them will make someone’s life easier. 

Today we’re looking out for one type of consumer that is particularly maligned when it comes to watching Netflix, music fans. As avid lovers of music, Netflix semi-regularly offers us incredible documentaries about our favourites in the game, such as the new Kanye West flick Jeen-Yuhs. However, when there’s not such a big title released, we’re left searching the depths of the service for eternity, sticking with things such as ZZ Top’s That Little Ol’ Band From Texas, but there’s only so many times you can watch the same title again. 

Luckily for music fans, we’ve managed to get our hands on the cheat code that takes you straight to the realm of all the music documentaries that Netflix has, and you’ll never be dissatisfied again. To be taken to the webpage of the genre, all you need to do is put the four-digit code into your web browser after the following address:

Unfortunately, the cheat codes only work on the website and aren’t available on phones, NOW TV, or the Amazon Firestick. For music lovers who use Netflix’s website, today’s your lucky day. 

Netflix music documentary cheat codes: