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Netflix CEO praises Elon Musk as the “most creative person on the planet”

Netflix’s joint CEO Reed Hastings has heralded the controversial mogul Elon Musk as the “most creative person on the planet” during a recent conference. 

At the New York Times DealBook seminar, Hastings commented: “What he’s done in multiple areas is phenomenal. His style is different. I’m trying to be, like, a steady, respectable leader up here and he’s just out there.”

Despite their differing styles, Hastings called him “the bravest, most creative man on the planet” for the innovative way that the SpaceX founder approaches business and his libertarian view of society. 

Naturally, many people will have found these remarks controversial given Musk’s recent handling of his Twitter takeover which has included putting the reinstatement of accounts accused of hate speech up to an impromptu public vote. 

Hastings was self-aware of this and commented: “People are so picky on, the blue check mark, and yes he’s making a mess of some things. Can you give the guy a break? This guy just spent all this money trying to make things better for democracy and society, to have a more open platform, and I am sympathetic to that agenda.”

He concluded by crediting his work rate. “He could have built a mile-long yacht,” with his money Hastings mused, however, her claims he is “trying to help the world in all of his endeavours.”