Netflix cancels ‘Young Wallander’ after two seasons
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix cancels ‘Young Wallander’ after two seasons

Netflix has cancelled Young Wallander after two seasons and has confirmed that it will not presently be returning for a third.

The series was a hit in Scandinavia but failed to garner much success in English-speaking regions, with the second season failing to make much of a sustained dent in the most popular lists in either the UK or the US. 

However, given the cult following the series had, the cancellation is proof that Netflix are continuing their harsher renewal policy which they recently rolled out to curtail financial losses. This makes it almost certain that a third season will never come to the fore on Netflix. 

The show debuted back in September 2020, and the Yellow Bird production was later commissioned for a six-episode follow-up.

Being based on Henning Mankell’s extensive book series meant that there was plenty of material to work from for a third anthology series of Young Wallander, so it is possible that another network will pick it up. However, for now, we have seen the end of the detective thriller in its current guise. 

The first two seasons are still currently available to watch on Netflix.