Netflix cancels this popular show after just two seasons
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Netflix cancels this popular show after just two seasons

Netflix has a bad habit of cancelling shows even when they are quite popular among viewers. They seemingly do not pay attention to viewers’ reactions while making such abrupt decisions. After shows like Archive 81 and Locke and Key, Netflix has cancelled yet another popular show after just two seasons. 

Starring Ja’Siah Young, Michael B. Jordan and Alisha Wainwright in significant roles, Carol Barbee’s Raising Dion is a fan-favourite show. It chronicles the adventures of the titular Dion, who has superpowers and constantly hones them under the guidance of his mother while fighting looming threats. 

While it is a superhero show, it brings a breath of fresh air to the oversaturated genre with a diverse, inclusive and well-represented cast and heartwarming storylines. 

It is a perfect blend between sci-fi and reality as it weaves in everyday hardships with fantastical elements. It also focuses on the moving relationship between a mother and her son and their constant struggle for survival. 

Based on Dennis Liu’s 2015 comic book of the same name, the show released its second season in February 2022 and was executive produced by Michael B. Jordan, who appeared on the show as Dion’s late father. 

Wainwright and Young took to Instagram to inform their fans that the show would not be returning for a third season and had been cancelled. While Raising Dion had amassed a whopping viewership of 2.74 billion in its premiere month, the streamer reportedly cancelled the show for undisclosed reasons. 

Watch the first two seasons of Raising Dion on Netflix now.