Netflix cancels ‘The Boys’ star’s Netflix show ‘On the Verge’
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Netflix cancels ‘The Boys’ star's Netflix show ‘On the Verge’

Elizabeth Shue from The Boys had recently starred in a Netflix show called On the Verge which has now been cancelled by Netflix quite discreetly. The series debuted on Netflix in September 2021. 

Shue played Anne, one of the four-middle aged women in the 12-episode show that dealt with the politics of socio-economic differences and more as the women dealt with love, life and career in pre-pandemic Los Angeles. Julie Delpy, Sarah Jones and Alexia Landeau starred in the show alongside Shue. 

Laura Delpy is the lead actress and show writer of On the Verge. She confirmed the news on Instagram by replying to a fan comment who wanted to know about the future of the show. “Cancelled,” her comment read. “But they forgot to announce it was cancelled.”

Elizabeth Shue was previously seen as one of the main antagonists on The Boys, named Madelyn Stillwell. Although she died at the end of season one, she made a brief appearance in the second season. 

The Academy Award-nominated actress returned to The Boys universe to voice the animated version of her character in the film titled The Boys Present: Diabolical. She was also seen in Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber alongside Uma Thurman, Kyle Chandler and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Shue will next be seen as a former beauty queen compelled to take control of her life and career following her husband’s demise in a television film called Constance. She is an executive producer of the project alongside Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan. 

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