Netflix cancels ‘Q-Force’ after just one season
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix cancels 'Q-Force' after just one season

Netflix has been having a tough year due to the huge subscriber loss and falling stock prices. To deal with their quarterly financial crises, the streamer has been laying off employees and cancelling several projects. The streamer has recently cancelled yet another parody queer comedy series after just one season.

Created by Big Mouth creator Gabe Liedman, Q-Force features an unabashed and unapologetic “gay James Bond”-like agent in the show which abounds in crude queer humour. It revolves around the titular band of LGBT spies who need to prove their worth in their field via various personal and professional endeavours. 

The series stars Sean Hayes, Gary Cole, David Harbour, Laurie Metcalf, Patti Harrison and more in voice roles.

The show subverts the tropes of masculinity which are quintessential to espionage films and has a brilliant representation of the LGBTQ+ community with all-queer voice actors and writer creatives which is still rare in TV. 

With ten episodes, the show had a fairly underwhelming debut on the streamer. While fans were eagerly awaiting a second season, Matt Rogers, one of the voice actors and writers on the show has revealed on a podcast that “it [Q-Force] did not get a second season”.

Besides abysmal ratings and viewership numbers, the lack of interest in viewers possibly led to Netflix not greenlighting the second season.

Watch the first season of the show on Netflix now.