Netflix cancels ‘Another Life’ despite the show’s popularity
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Netflix cancels ‘Another Life’ despite the show’s popularity

Despite the show’s growing popularity, Netflix has cancelled the 2019 sci-fi series, Another Life, just after two seasons. 

Created by Aaron Martin, this sci-fi drama stars Katee Sackhoff, Selma Blair, Samuel Anderson, Justin Chatwin, Blu Hunt, Jake Abel, Barbara Williams and others. The second season was released in October 2021. However, much to the chagrin of fans, the show is not coming back for another season. 

Starring Sackhoff as astronaut Niko Breckinridge, the show dealt with the astronauts searching for alien intelligence. Niko and her ragtag crew embark on a daunting mission to look for the source of an alien artefact and encounter various obstacles. 

With bits of romance, sex and dramatic tension strewn all over the narrative, the series had amassed a good fan following while paying homage to the genre. 

However, Sackhoff took to Twitter to announce the news. She thanked the fans for their love and support while expressing her gratitude towards the hard-working cast and crew. 

Signing off as Niko, she said, “I wish we could do more seasons, but sadly it’s just not in the cards. See you on the next adventure.” While Netflix is yet to confirm the news, watch Another Life on Netflix now. 

Fans of the show can also check out various other sci-fi shows on the streamer here. 

Take a look at Sackhoff’s tweet below: