Netflix cancel new series before production has even wrapped
(Credit: Cameron Venti)


Netflix cancel new series before production has even wrapped

It’s a sad day for fantasy fans, as a highly anticipated series from the same people who created Dark has been cancelled by Netflix before production was officially wrapped. The streaming giant has pulled the German series, which initially began filming in 2022. 

Details surrounding the series are, understandably, very minimal; however, it was dubbed as a “Fairy tale urban fantasy thriller.” The team behind the time-travelling drama Dark, Wiedemann and Berg, were behind the upcoming show, so people had high hopes knowing that veterans in complex storytelling and otherworldly characters were behind the show. 

The series would have been called The Grimm Reality and was set to star Hyun Wanner, Patrick Isermeyer, Dennis Schuermann, and Eidin Jalali. Unfortunately, their roles and how they would impact the series will remain unknown. 

Even though the story surrounding the fantasy series has never been revealed, there was speculation that it might be based on tales from the 18th and 19th centuries. The title makes people think that there could be a focus on, or at least a parallel to, the tales of the German Grimm brothers. 

People have labelled Netflix’s decision to cancel the series as “harsh,” as The Grimm Reality is one of many in the works from Widemann and Berg for the streaming giant. There naturally remain question marks over whether these other prospective series will continue to be made or if they will suffer a similar fate. 

There is no denying that the company has a good reputation as storytellers, as some of their previous releases have seen great success. For instance, their most recent film, Sixty Minutes, is a grounded tale that follows an MMA fighter who must race across Berlin to reach his daughter’s birthday party so that he doesn’t lose custody. 

Netflix has yet to comment on its decision to cancel the series before it had a chance to finish production. This remains a developing story.