The 10 best Netflix series to watch in July 2021
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The 10 best Netflix series to watch in July 2021

Netflix has been releasing shows and films every month and our watchlist keeps growing by the day. While it is impossible to watch every show and film streaming on the platform, Netflix undoubtedly is doing a great job maintaining its streak of excellence by releasing content that appeals to audiences of all age groups. From murder mysteries to sappy romances, Netflix has it all. 

July 2021 has been a good month as Netflix has released a lot of fresh content. From adding new seasons to popular shows to releasing new series about the Italian mafia lawyer of Korean descent and portraying the unlikely romance between a cook and a Duke set in early-18th century France, Netflix has a lot of exciting content in languages including English, Spanish, Swedish, French and Hangul (Korean).

Before July rolls over to August where the content plan seems to be even more stellar, here are some of the best July 2021 releases in terms of series that you can binge on Netflix: 

The 10 best Netflix series to watch in July:

10. Outer Banks – Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, Shannon Burke 

The Pogues, a band of hot, rebellious teenagers, are fixated on discovering the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of their ringleader’s father. Soon they stumble upon the legend of a treasure that has deep-rooted connections with the missing patriarch. Pursued by wealthy and crooked Kooks as well as the law, The Pogues battle with inner demons, betrayal, drugs and love while being pursued by the law as well as the wealthy Kookswhile trying to find John B’s father. 

Melodramatic and intense, the series kicks in the perfect summer adventure spirit. With season two on its way, viewers should binge on this visual delight with an attractive cast before July 30th to brace themselves for the second season. One might go on to question themes of trust and friendship.

9. You Are My Spring – Jung Ji-hyun 

Three different individuals move into an apartment building where a gruesome murder has taken place. These three individuals are unique in their own ways, grappling with love, death and loss. They include a hotel manager who moves here for a new start, an actress whose perception of love is altered after she is used mercilessly by her boyfriend and an investment company CEO who is in love with the manager as well as a psychiatrist who intends to make people love life.

All the characters are adults who are actually seven years old at heart. Weaving death, romance and mystery, the K-Drama deals with sensitive issues. Mellow music, powerful performances and beautiful visual aesthetics add to the overall viewing experience.  

8. Mortel – Edouard Salier, Simon Astier 

Sofiane wants to avenge the alleged murder of her brother Reda and forms a pact with the voodoo deity Obe along with her friend Victor. Sofiane is bestowed with the power to influence others’ actions while Victor is a mind-reader; they, however, need to be near each other to use their respective powers. Soon, they need to banish Obe from the world learning how sinister he is and the second season deals with them trying to keep up with their efforts of defeating the demonic Obe. 

This French supernatural series debuted in 2019 and released its second season in July 2021. Starring actors like Carl Malapa, Nemo Schiffman, Manon Bresch and more, the series is witness to skilled storytelling and wonderful performances from the actors. It is a blend of two genres, namely teen dramas and supernatural shows. 

7. Never Have I Ever – Mindy Kaling, Lang Fisher

Devi Vishwakumar is an Indian American teen grappling with her father’s demise, her issues with her mom as well as her struggles with her ethnic identity and major crush on the popular schoolboy. With the first season showing Devi finally coming to peace with her father’s death, the second season sees her caught in a love triangle where both Ben and Paxton vie for her attention. 

With school dances, new Indian girls and growing pangs of anger and jealousy, the second season that arrived in July is spicier than the first. The actors are at their very best and Miatreyi Ramakrishnan in her lead role is funny, quirky and hopelessly romantic. Adolescence and teenage have never been so surreptitiously funny and Kaling’s humour shall resonate well with the audience. 

6. Virgin River – Sue Tenney 

The series follows the life of Mel, a midwife and nurse who wants a fresh start in her life and moves to the titular small town. However, she soon realises that it is not a simplistic lifestyle as she had imagined and is in the process of healing herself mentally and spiritually before settling in. Season three arrived in July 2021 and is filled with numerous other twists and turns. 

Laced with romance, melodrama and disputes, the show is a delight to watch. To see the characters unravel with every episode is indeed pleasurable. The tragedies portrayed are realistic so are the emotions that are fuelled by powerful acting and the stellar storylines are complemented by intense music. 

5. Young Royals -Rojda Sekersoz, Erika Calmeyer   

Prince Wilhelm is involved in a scandal that prompts his parents to forcibly enrol him at Hillerska Boarding School that has been attended by his family for generations. At the prestigious and elite institution, Wilhelm meets various teenagers and tries to cope with the pressure of upholding princely duties and leading a normal life. He also tries hard to conceal his newly emerging sexuality and his growing attraction to his schoolmate Simon with whom he shares a kiss that leads to subsequent consequences. 

This Swedish series has received a positive reaction from the audience. As a young adult series, it has been compared to contemporaries like Gossip Girl and Elite. Scandals, homophobia and forbidden romances galore, the actors bring in authenticity and vulnerability to their characters and add a fresh perspective to the already overdone genre. 

4. Vincenzo – Kim Hee-won 

Park Joo-hyung is renamed Vincenzo Cassano after joining the Cassano mafia family as the lawyer and consigliere. However, after the Cassano family head, Fabio dies, his son and new leader attempt to murder Vincenzo, compelling the latter to flee to Seoul. Vincenzo begins a new adventure, using his skills to rise to his fortune. He is aided by unlikely forces to take down the rival real estate company. 

Witty and clever, this K-Drama is a riveting watch. The well-constructed characters are complemented by incredible acting and stellar visuals. Audience members will find themselves immersed in the plot where the protagonists and antagonists have an undeniable chemistry as they try and outrun each other in terms of wit and cunning. 

3. The Cook of Castamar -Tatiana Rodriguez

Set during the reign of Philip V in 1720s Madrid, the series follows the life of an agoraphobic Clara Belmonte who feels at ease in the kitchen and works as a cook for Duke of Castamar. The latter is plagued by his pregnant wife’s untimely demise and soon a romance blossoms between the unlikely duo with certain consequences. 

Adapted from Fernando J. Munez’s eponymous novel, this Spanish period drama stars Michelle Jenner, Roberto Enriquez, Hugo Silva and more.  The characters are nuanced and well-portrayed while each of them battles their personal traumas and inner demons. The sheer vulnerability and fragility of the characters also help display the lives of the people in the upper echelons of the society flanked by lavish parties, dinners, hunting conquests, sexual adventures, conspiracies and rumours.

2. Atypical -Robia Rahis 

The series focuses on the life of the protagonist Sam Gardner who is autistic. The series revolves around the life of Sam and his dysfunctional family who are initially wary of his autism but gradually grow more accepting which makes the show so very wholesome. After three seasons of love, chaos and feel-good emotions, the fourth season focuses on the Gardner parents working on their marriage while Sam navigates his way through college and grapples with newfound independence. 

Autism has been misrepresented umpteen times and has always been met with stereotypes and stigma. The show is therapeutic and makes the audience view a stigmatised developmental condition in a new light. Multiple stories are staged within the show that interconnects on various levels and adds tenderness to the overall atmosphere that is accentuated by brilliant and emotionally charged performances from the cast. 

1. Rick and Morty – Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon 

An alcoholic, eccentric scientist Rick and his grandson Morty embark on various adventures that take them across various dimensions and realities through portals and Rick’s flying car. This show has multitudes of the multiverse and they continue with their lives while grappling with issues surrounding life, substance abuse, family, marriage and school with Rick’s cynical and Machiavellian wisdom adding a sense of absurdity to the series. 

Although season 5 aired on June 20, the episodes have been airing on Netflix every week till August 22. With every new episode containing a better version of Rick’s madness and wisdom, fans shall be thrilled with the brilliant progress of the series. To urge viewers to binge on the show, Morty’s dialogue would be enough: “Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV”.