Netflix basic/basic with ads subscribers can’t add extra members
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Netflix basic/basic with ads subscribers can’t add extra members

After long last, Netflix is all set to start emailing members in the US and UK as part of its password-sharing crackdown. The email serves as a reminder that a Netflix account is intended for use within a single household and should not be shared with individuals who do not reside with the account holder. 

However, Netflix Standard and Premium account holders have the option to add these individuals as ‘Extra Members’. The catch is that each extra member comes with an additional monthly cost of $7.99 for US subscribers and £4.99 for UK subscribers.

For Netflix Standard subscribers, the option to add an extra member is limited to one per account. Premium account holders, on the other hand, have the ability to add two extra members, although an additional fee applies for each member. Unfortunately, users with a Netflix Basic/Basic with Ads membership do not have the option to add any.

Netflix will employ WiFi addresses along with the primary location to identify instances of multiple location usage. Following their initial crackdown measures, the streaming platform has implemented an additional charge of C$7.99 per person per month in Canada, NZ$7.99 in New Zealand, €3.99 in Portugal, and €5.99 in Spain. Netflix intends to implement higher fees in more affluent countries.