Netflix has axed ‘Freeridge’ after just one season
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix has axed 'Freeridge' after just one season

Netflix has revealed that Freeridge will not return for a second season. Fans have been left divided after the popular spin-off series of On My Block was axed, having made its debut on the streaming platform in February.

Despite the success of On My Block, Freeridge failed to draw the same numbers. The show follows siblings Gloria and Ines and their friends Demi and Cameron, who manage to unleash a curse bringing grave misfortune. Many stars of the original series featured in the spin-off, including Peggy Blow, Paula Garcés, Eric Gutierrez, Eme Ikwuakor, and Raushanah Simmons.

After the cancellation was announced, some fans took to social media to share their thoughts. While some were clearly saddened, many agreed that Freeridge didn’t live up to On My Block. The spin-off featured a full POC cast and ran for just eight episodes. It’s been available on Netflix for less than two months.

You can watch a clip from Freeridge below.