Netflix announces reveal-all Pornhub documentary
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Netflix announces reveal-all Pornhub documentary

Streaming giant Netflix has announced the first details of a reveal-all documentary about Pornhub titled Money Shot: The Pornhub Story. Set for release on March 15th, the new film contains interviews with performers, past employees, activists and others in what hopes to be the most substantial movie ever made about the site, presenting it objectively, from the good to the bad.

The press statement for the movie says: “Pornhub, the internet’s most famous adult entertainment platform, fundamentally changed how pornography is made and distributed.”

Continuing: “This enabled erotic content creators to reach a massive audience while the company made billions of dollars – but it also became embroiled in allegations including non-consensual material and trafficking on the site.”

Of the tricky current juncture that the popular site finds itself at, it explains: “As anti-trafficking organisations seek justice for victims, can the online giant protect those from whom they profit, or is this a new wave of censorship for adult performers making consensual porn?”

Director and producer of Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, Suzanne Hillinger, said: “This documentary requires us to grapple with what sexuality and consent means when billion-dollar internet platforms thrive on user-generated content.”

Speaking of her hope for the movie, she concluded: “Who has, and who should have, the power in these environments? Our hope is that this film generates important conversations about sex and consent, both on the internet and out in the world.”

The documentary is produced by Jigsaw Productions and has Nicki Carrico as producer. Additionally, Stacey Offman and Richard Perello have produced in executive roles.

In other Netflix news, the co-creator of the hit show, You, Sera Gamble, discussed with Yahoo how the new season has entered the “trope in the zeitgeist” – “eat the rich”.

In the interview, she reflected on the creative process of writing the new series about serial killer Joe Goldberg coming into contact with another murderer dubbed the ‘Eat-the-Rich Killer’. Gamble said, “Part of the fun is to squeeze him and say, ‘You’re gonna philosophically agree with the Eat-the-Rich Killer, but your job is to save the rich, and not look the other way.’ So it all kind of evolved from there.”