Netflix announces new thriller ‘Wall to Wall’ from director Kim Tae-joon
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Netflix announces new thriller 'Wall to Wall' from director Kim Tae-joon

South Korea has been a hotbed of top-tier Netflix content for years, with the country’s diverse range of film and television titles covering almost every square inch of the genre spectrum, regularly ranking among the most-watched projects on the streaming service.

One recent example was 2023’s riveting thriller Unlocked, which marked the feature-length directorial debut of Kim Tae-joon. The story follows a suspected serial killer who finds an abandoned phone on a bus, and then takes it upon himself to learn everything he can about its owner.

Im Si-wan’s Oh Jun-yeong becomes increasingly obsessed with Chun Woo-hee’s Lee Na-mi after gleaning every shred of information about her personal and professional lives that he can from trawling through her device, inciting a series of events that threaten to tear her very existence apart.

It was an acclaimed and accomplished effort from a first-time director, and it clearly won over the people in charge at Netflix, with Tae-joon confirmed to be reuniting with the streamer for his sophomore feature Wall to Wall.

Kang Ha-neul will star as Woo-seong, a man who scrimps and saves for years to finally gather together money to buy his own apartment, only for it to quickly become a nightmare when mysterious noises from other residences in the building begin disturbing what was supposed to be a defining moment in his life.

Further details beyond that remain scarce, but Unlocked showed how Tae-joon was capable of wringing maximum tension from everyday situations set in an ever so slightly heightened reality, and Wall to Wall carries much the same setup as Unlocked in its broadest strokes, albeit with property ownership being swapped in for a misplaced phone.

Yeom Hye-ran and Yeom Hye-ran are the other members of the principal cast announced so far as a representative of the apartment complex tasked to keep the peace between tenants and the man living above the protagonist respectively, with the latter set to be an ally who helps him investigate where the disturbances are coming from.

There’s no word on a release date as of yet, but with Korean thrillers in both their episodic and feature-length form regularly among the most-viewed content available to subscribers worldwide, it would hardly be a stretch of the imagination to suggest that Wall to Wall is destined to pique interest whenever it becomes made available.

The production is only in its earliest stages, though, so that may not even be until 2025.