Netflix announces ‘Good Night World’ anime series
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix announces ‘Good Night World’ anime series

An anime adaptation of Uru Okabe’s manga Good Night World is set to arrive on Netflix in October later this year. The series will be directed by Katsuya Kikuchi, a former animator turned director of The Royal Tutor Movie.

Good Night World is a Netflix original but has been produced by NAZ, the studio behind Thermae Romae Novae and Infinite Dendrogram. Kuzuha and Nornis of NIJISANJI will be writing the theme songs for the show.

The first season will arrive on the streaming platform on October 12th, 2023 and will star Daisuke Hirose as Taichirou Arima, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Akio Ootsuka and Kojirou Arima and Eya Endou as Miyabi Arima.

An IMDb synopsis reads, “A shut-in older brother. A high-achieving younger brother. A father who is not respected by his own children. A mother who neglects her own household. This is a broken family, and none of its members know that they are all players in an online game.”

Meanwhile, a Netflix synopsis provides more details of what can be expected from their new anime. “In the online game ‘Planet’, there is a powerful team of four players. This team goes by the name ‘The Akabane Family’, and its members are a pseudo-family that only exists in the game.”

The synopsis continues, “Centered on the deeds of the Akabane Family in the online game ‘Planet’, the story features battles against monsters, clashes with other guilds, and the machinations surrounding ‘Black Bird’, the final objective of the game. The tale takes a major turn as it entangles the real world and this real family.”

Check out the trailer for Good Night World below.