Netflix announces continued investment in Swedish original movies
(Credits: Netflix)


Netflix announces continued investment in Swedish original movies

The company might be headquartered in the United States with the majority of its highest-profile projects emerging from home soil, but Netflix has always been a global operation since its initial expansion into streaming, with a pair of new Swedish features having been announced.

Although big names from Hollywood tend to prop up many of its most-watched titles, the platform is no stranger to international productions capturing the imagination on a global scale, with many of its biggest in-house hits hailing from outside its major content hubs of America and the United Kingdom.

Germany’s All Quiet on the Western Front, Spain’s The Platform, Norway’s Troll, France’s My Name is Vendetta, and Sweden’s own Black Crab are among Netflix’s ten top-viewed non-English films ever, with the streaming service doubling down on its commitment to the latter country.

One of the largest financial cases in Swedish history will be the subject of feature-length documentary Trustor by Karin af Klintberg and Teresa Alldén, with Joachim Posener coming out of hiding for the first time since 1997 to discuss his role about the scandal that saw the proposed takeover of an investment company result in five people swindle 600million krona and then vanish without a trace, where he’s remained on international fugitive watch-lists ever since.

Director af Kintberg described it to Netflix as “men playing the system, a classic cops and robbers chase, and a financial industry that was cheated,” which stands it in good stead to become the latest true crime-centric tale to become a worldwide source of fascination.

The second incoming Swedish project couldn’t be more different, with dramedy sequel Off Track 2 also confirmed. Director Mårten Klingberg returns from the original and co-writes alongside Maria Karlsson and Christin Magdu, with Katia Winter’s Lisa planning to compete in the 200-mile bike race Vätternrundan with her brother.

However, when her sibling’s wife informs him that she wants a divorce, she gets ditched so that he can try and repair his crumbling marriage through the means of cycling instead. Klinberg shared how “it feels great to be able to tell another story about these characters that are so close to my heart,” with the filmmaker promising that much like its predecessor, “humour will be mixed with seriousness because that’s how life is.”

There’s no word on specific release dates as of yet, but both Trustor and Off Track 2 will premiere on Netflix in 2025.