Netflix announces ‘Cheer’ season two premiere date
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix announces ‘Cheer’ season two premiere date

Netflix has finally announced the date for the premiere of the second season of Cheer nearly two years after the first season of the docu-series debuted on the platform on January 12th, 2022. 

The docu-series has faced a lot of controversies in the beginning due to sexual misconduct allegations as well as solicited child pornography controversies surrounding Jerry Harris. The second season was filmed secretly for the last two years. 

Creator Greg Whiteley had previously spoken up about how the allegations against Harris were “impossible to ignore”. He expressed his disappointment at the same, saying how “floored and heartbroken” he was trying to “unpack what it was I was feeling”. 

“Here was a person that I felt like I knew very, very well,” Whiteley said of when he first heard the news around Harris. “But then there was news that led me to believe I didn’t know everything about this person and that led to, in a weird way, me mourning the passing of the person that I thought I knew. Jerry would’ve been impossible to ignore because it impacted the team so severely.”

He said that the new season had a fifth episode that would be dedicated to discussing the allegations against Harris and including the interviews with the survivors who alleged that they were only 13 at the time of their sexual communication with Harris. 

Whiteley feels responsible to tell their stories that he deems “important”. He added, “My job is to allow them to tell it.”

The second season of Cheer will also include the effect of the pandemic on Navarro College’s cheerleading team and how famous the team became because of the show. 

Check out the trailer below: