Netflix animated show dethrones ‘Squid Game’ in ratings
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix animated show dethrones 'Squid Game' in ratings

After Squid Game and the third season of You took Netflix by a storm for almost more than a month, reigning the top spot on the popularity charts, a recent Netflix release has dethroned them, taking over the first place with its unimaginable viewer ratings. 

Ever since its premiere in September of this year, Squid Game has been the highest-grossing series and has overwhelmed the world with the Korean wave.

Joe Goldberg arrived with his various escapades and tumultuous marriage with Love Quinn last month and You, as usual, was one of the most popular shows on the streamer. However, with the release of the new season of the popular adult comedy cartoon Big Mouth on November 5, 2021, both the shows have lost their top spot. 

Created by Gabe Liedman and Nick Kroll in 2017, the show explores a variety of themes relevant to the struggles of puberty and adolescent mental health.

Bizarre and quirky, it deftly deals with the various issues middle-schoolers get entangled in; horny classmates, masturbation, menstruation, unannounced erections, personal drama, social media addiction, domestic disturbances, mood swings, academic and peer pressure etc. 

It revolves around a group of teenagers who are overwhelmed by the onslaught of adolescence and raging hormones that lead to various emotional and physical changes. 

With the disconnect they feel from their bodies along with the pangs of young love and other urges, the relatability of the show reaches its zenith. 

The ten new episodes have explored the character progressions further, introducing important conversations laced with dark humour. 

Check out the trailer for the fifth season below: