Netflix’s American Football documentary ‘Titletown High’ looks promising
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix's American Football documentary 'Titletown High' looks promising

Netflix’s upcoming documentary series Titletown High looks extremely promising as the trailer will surely appeal to football fans. 

Created by Jason Sciavicco and based in the titular Georgia town, the series shall focus on the journey of the Valdosta Wildcats High School Football team as they try and chase victory amidst various obstacles surrounding their personal lives, family and relationships. 

The cast features a vast set of aspiring athletes, headlined by the respected yet highly controversial coach, Rush Propst. Netflix has promised a “complex” yet intimate insight into the “unique football culture in America” complemented by “high states sports action and relatable teenage drama”. 

The series will also look into the lives of the star quarterback, the quiet leader, the womaniser, as well as various other students who embody the problems and aspirations typical to a teenager.

The trailer features G-Eazy’s yet-to-be-released song from his upcoming album, Breakdown. The rapper expressed his thrill at being able to be a part of the series. 

“I felt like this song perfectly captures the roller coaster of emotions in the show and the intense feelings brought on by the pressures of successes and failures in life. Hearing this song with their stories brought the meaning behind the lyrics to a whole new level. We’re hella excited to be a part of this series!”

The eight-episode series is set to stream on Netflix on August 27, 2021. 

Watch the trailer below: