Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ trailer filled with terrifying zombies
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ trailer filled with terrifying zombies

Ahead of its January 28th, 2022 release, the upcoming Netflix K-Drama All Of Us Are Dead has released the official trailer for the series. 

The show will be based on Joo Dong-geun’s popular 2009 webtoon Now At Our School that features 130 stories related to a zombie apocalypse survival mission carried out by a group of high schoolers, Chun Sung-il has adapted the same into an eight-episode series, helmed by the acclaimed director Lee Jae Gyoo.   

After the South Korean zombie film Train to Busan garnered international acclaim, the zombie genre still remains timeless and equally interesting. With its heavyweight premise, the series might be as emotionally jarring as its predecessor. 

Based on a popular webtoon, the series will revolve around a massive zombie outbreak in the city that will ravage the entire population. A group of high school students will find themselves seeking shelter within their school amidst all this chaos. 

The students must stick together and fight hard to survive and prevent themselves from turning into one of the rapid and infected monstrous zombies. The trailer shows the horrific visuals of the infected students who terrorise the survivors. 

With no access to cellphones, food or the outside world, this series will mark a riveting and desperate story of survival amidst palpable anxiety, fear and paranoia. 

Watch the trailer below: