Neil Gaiman discusses upcoming season of ‘The Sandman’
(Credit: Netflix)


Neil Gaiman discusses upcoming season of 'The Sandman'

In November 2022, Netflix’s popular fantasy series, The Sandman, was renewed for a second season. However, now that the Hollywood strikes have ended, production is able to begin. 

The show first aired in August 2022, with performances from Tom Sturridge, Jenna Colman, Patton Oswalt, Gwendoline Christie and David Thewlis. It is based on Neil Gaiman’s comic book series of the same name, which was published between 1989 and 1996.

In celebration of the announcement that season two is firmly underway, Gaiman has shared a letter to fans about The Sandman. He wrote, “We never know where our dreams will take us. 35 years ago today, the first issue of The Sandman was released and set many people and characters on paths that seemed, even at the time, so unlikely as to be impossible.” 

“Back then, most comics featured superheroes. Sandman wasn’t that. It wasn’t like anything else, but magically (the magic consisting of hard work, youthful overconfidence, and some key people who believed in the vision), we were given the opportunity to tell the story I had in my head and bring Morpheus and the rest of the Endless to life.”

Gaiman discussed the impact of The Sandman on his life and others, writing, “At times on this journey the way forward seemed impossible, and I don’t think I could have conceived of the impact that these characters would have on individuals or on the world.”

“When I look at the path ahead, though, I don’t see darkness. I see how the world of The Sandman continues to grow and evolve and take new forms.” 

Finally, he teased the production of the new season, stating, “Genius show runner Allan Heinberg and the countless people in front of and behind the camera are building something endlessly special, and bringing these stories to life in a way that would once have been unimaginable.” He added, “Good things are coming.”