Neil Gaiman confirms the end of filming on Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ first season
(Credit: Stanislav Lvovsky)


Neil Gaiman confirms the end of filming on Netflix’s 'The Sandman' first season

Previously, we had reported everything we knew about the filming of Netflix’s The Sandman, created by the legendary Neil Gaiman. Filming had begun in October 2020 after the coronavirus pandemic stalled production for quite some time. Now, Gaiman has confirmed that they have finished filming the first season, which means that Netflix will soon be streaming the series. 

The titular Sandman or Dream, as they’re also known, is released after being held captive by occult forces for nearly 70 years and thus unleashes revenge against those who wronged him. He also introspects while being held captive and repents his past sins while vowing to undo them amidst all adversities. 

Starring Gwendoline Christie, Tom Sturridge, Boyd Holbrook, Chares Dance and others, the series is highly anticipated as the author has promised to not deviate too much from the comicverse. Gaiman stated that they were in the process of “making Sandman” and “not reinventing it” 

In his tweet, Gaiman had explained that the series “will be eleven episodes. That’s the start of it all. Preludes and Nocturnes and a little bit more”. 

The production had been in developmental hell for more than two decades while Gaiman was basking in the success of his comics. The current series is being headlined by Allan Heinberg, well-known for his brilliant work in Wonder Woman and Grey’s Anatomy. Gaiman also stated, “I’m hoping we can make something on television that feels as personal and true as the best of the Sandman comics did. Just set thirty years later than Sandman the comic.”  

On his official Tumblr page this week, Gaiman stated that they have “finished principal photography”, which caused quite a stir among fans. Fans have been appreciative of Gaiman’s sneaky insights into the production status of the series every now and then. 

He further added that: “we all have to be patient while the VFX and suchlike are done, music is written and recorded, and so on. No, I don’t know any release dates, or even when the trailer will be released.”

Talking about the series, he appreciated Sturridge’s role as the Sandman, saying how Sturridge fit the role. “I don’t know if that means that people who watch TV will like it – although I hope they will – but I suspect that if you like Sandman and you want to see it on the screen,” said he, adding, “then you’ll like this. (I also think Tom Sturridge will be a star after season one of Sandman drops.)”

While wait for the series to land, we can all get a little lost in the Sandman universe with this freed Audible audiobook.