‘Murder Mystery 2’ the first movie to shoot a stunt at Eiffel Tower
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Murder Mystery 2' the first movie to shoot a stunt at Eiffel Tower

Jeremy Garelick, the director of Murder Mystery 2, has revealed that his film was the first to be allowed to shoot a stunt at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and that it set a world record during production.

The film, released today, on March 31st, sees Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler reunite, attempting to go professional as sleuths. They are joined by a new cast, including the likes of Mark Strong, Mélanie Laurent, and Jodie Turner-Smith.

Speaking exclusively to MetroGarelick revealed that Murder Mystery 2 was the first movie to shoot a stunt on the Eiffel Tower. He said: “We actually we did get to shoot at the Eiffel Tower. We had an incredible stunt team. Kelly Phelan was the first female to jump off of the Eiffel Tower, she’s now in the Guinness Book of World Records”.

Garelick continued: “It was the first time a stunt was allowed to be shot on the Eiffel Tower for a film.”

Discussing how they pulled it off, the director said: “We also recreated the top three levels of the Eiffel Tower [thanks to] Perry Blake, our incredible production designer. We built that on stage and we had incredible visual effects – so it was a combination.”

He said that the stars were “‘really game to do more and more and more” stunts. “They liked kicking ass, but our producers would stop them and be like, ‘You know what, let’s let Kelly do this.’ But they did get to do a lot of their own stunts.”